A Great Learning Experience

About Us

Coastal Middle and High School has been serving students for over 37 years. It is a fully accredited private school in Lake Park, Florida. Hundreds of students have graduated from Coastal Middle and High School and went on to attend colleges all over the state. It is truly a one of a kind school where students feel comfortable, confident, and successful!

As an educator, I can see that the needs of every student are not being met in many schools. Middle and high school is the time where kids usually choose the right path or the wrong path and those choices can have a huge impact on their future. For some students, sitting in school all day listening to a teacher lecture is not what works best for them. Public school has become too rigid and boring for students. There are too many kids in a class and too many responsibilities for teachers. This is leading to students skipping school, turning to drugs, failing courses, and making the wrong choices.

I see something different. I picture a school where students want to come and are successful. I want students to take breaks when they feel they need them, work at their own pace, and create their own daily schedule. I want them to be able to ask questions one on one with a teacher who truly cares and wants them to be successful. I want students to be able to work at a desk or lay on the floor and work. This is Coastal Middle and High school. Here, students can be themselves, they can relax, they can learn in their own way that works best for them and know that there is a teacher who is always there for them.

Coastal Middle and High School is one of a kind and a very unique place. This is specifically for the child who just needs something different. All kids cannot learn the same way and they shouldn’t have to. I will make sure they create a plan and schedule that works best for them and allows them to show their best. This is not about getting straight A’s. This is about putting forth your best effort, trying your best, and overall just being a good person. I want these students to learn life skills and become more than just a grade point average. No matter what your child may be going through or may have already gone through, this is a place where everyone is accepted, everyone is treated with respect, and everyone is provided the support and tools they need to be successful.