Coastal Middle and High School

Fully Accredited Private School

Imagine a school day where you can work on lessons, take a break and grab a snack, work one on one with a teacher who truly cares, enjoy lunch with friends and conversation, work at your own pace, and be successful at everything you do!

Open Notebook

Does your child struggle in school or dislike school?

•  Is your child being bullied?

•  Is your child hanging out with the wrong crowd?

•  Is your child getting lost in the large class sizes?

•  Does your child need more one on one learning?

 If you answered YES to any of these questions, Coastal Middle and High School may be the right place for your child.

Coastal Middle & High School is one of a kind and a very unique place.

It has been serving students for over 37 years.

Coastal Middle & High School

(561) 842-6349

730 5th St, Lake Park, FL 33403, USA

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